Saturday, 12 November 2011

1 + 1

The prayer of the meditations of my heart this morning was that one
plus one should be two.

This was the theme of my morning devotion period and indeed the theme
that would follow me through today.

Maths is so beautiful. It is a world where the variables, those things
that can bring about various results to a situation if they are
changed ever so slightly can be summed up with a symbol.

Real life situations is nothing like maths. With mathmatics when you
add one to another one you get a logical conclusion and the answer is
two. With real life situations, this is not always or necessarily the

We know the scripture says that whatsoever a man sows that is what he
is going to reap. But have you ever wondered why this seems to be more
so the cased when evil is sown than when good is the thing that is
sown. It is as if evil is given a right of way to produce results, so
it ends up producing results faster so much so that one plus one
almost immediately becomes two. But when it is good, certain limitatin
forces raise there head and the result does not come as fast as if it
was evil i.e. if it ever comes in the first place.

So it was a consciously clinical and deliberate effort when I prayed
this morning. There is nothing like seeing a good plan and executing
it and seeing the predictable results. But with life, if you don't get
to know that one plus one being two would almost always meet with
resistance when that one being sown is in all goodness and hope life
in itself can become a fustrating experience.

What really made that meditative prayer have a deeper effect on me was
that I was led to Psalm 13 this morning. It was the 6 verses of that
Psalm the God's Spirit used to speak to me. And I saw a man asking God
how long? The combination of the Psalm and the call that woke me up
this morning brought the prayer up from the depths of my spirit having
being incubated by God's Spirit.

You will have to pray for one plus one to be two in your life. You
would have to spiritually exert that the drama should be put paid to.
That since in the physical sciences one plus one is two then when you
sow or execute a plan that is good the expected result must come
without delay. One plus one must be two.