Sunday, 1 January 2012

One Hour Into the New Year

One Hour Into the New Year

"Teach us to number our days so that we can apply our hearts unto wisdom"

One hour has already gone into the new year and the typical human
signature of our being means many have spent it steeped in emotion. It
does not matter the kind of emotion that has been displayed. It may
have been pure revelry, joy, tears, thankfulness, happiness, soberness
etc but our make up would make us react with emotion.

One hour has already gone out of the first twenty four hours of the
day. 1 hour has already gone out of some 8760 of the given year. God
teaching us to number our days is for a reason.

There is a wisdom we are meant to apply our hearts unto. But the truth
is there are various wisdom(s). The person that spends that first hour
in revelry, joy, thankfulness or even soberity is applying his or her
heart to some kind of wisdom. The wisdom may be attached to what has
happened in the past, present or future.

But numbering our days and applying our hearts to wisdom must be
through one way only and that way can only be found when God is the
one that does the teaching. There are times when it is experience that
is doing the teaching and depending on what it has taught, we rejoice
or become sober. There are times when it is the situation that we sit
under that we learn from. It may even be our education or desposition
at any given moment that is teaching us how to number our days, but it
is only when God does the teaching that we can really apply our hearts
unto the kind of wisdom God wants us to. That is when that portion of
scripture is really being fufilled.

God teaching us to number our days is a function of choice on our
part. Truth be told it is something we have to even force by prayer
because there are many competing teachers and God would have to be
consciously invited in and kept in by faith for Him to take up the
mantle of the teacher. It is not something that just happened

This is why most times and with most Christians, it is every other
thing except God that is doing the teaching. This is simply because
they assume that God is their teacher without consciously inviting Him
in just like the man who made that prayer when he said teach us to
number our days. He was making a conscious invitation is the light of
the plethora of teachers that are ready to come in unvited to do the

And they are already in and teaching. So the onus lies on us to
specifically do the invitation. It does not just stop there but we
must make that conscious and constant choice to always sit under him
to learn with respect to us numbering our days. This is a spiritual
reality that many are not aware of so they are pursuing after
objectives set by the wrong teachers and scoring themselves under a
different score card. The sad thing here is when there is a critical
mass of people doing this, it becomes a norm and it suddenly looks and
feels right because 'everybody' is doing it.

Its going to two hours into the new year now and I was woken with this
consciousness some one hour into it. It's time I join with those of
the same mind across the world who have been praying this prayer from
the beginning of the hour of the new year. And that invitation is
being extended to you as well. Come let us worship and bow down and
kneel before the Lord our creator. Let us ask Him: "Teach us to number
our days so that we can apply our hearts unto wisdom"