Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Bronze Serpent

'And Moses made a bronze serpent...those that looked on the serpent when biten by the serpents were saved' paraphrased by me from somewhere in the Old Testament
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The serpent was on a pole and when they looked out towards it direction, it was with hope. There is always a bronze serpent, hanging on a pole. Something that is set before us to look unto with hope. It is almost always far away yet close enough for us to be inspired to hope, wait, believe....continue. At times we never attain to that thing in that particular moment in time and there are even other times when they loose there significance like a high school crush that makes you spend a bit more time making sure you look good enough before leaving home for school. Yet the moment passes, nothing really happened with that 'bronze serpent' you kept on looking at and now you can look back with hindsight and say, well it kept you and indeed helped you to look good those days. It is no longer relevant now and the crush is something that you can shake your head over.
Now maybe the anology is not on point. The bronze serpent actually healed people. But that is just what we are talking about, something that God places before us that He maybe knows that we would never get if He has any say in it but it works in keeping us in shape...until the period passes. As we look, we hope and as we hope we purify ourselves. So in a way it is healing, keeping us in the shape God would want. We might want it terribly then but the period passes.
We do find such situations in our lives every now and then, but it is only after the passage of time that we can really look at them and they really become to us like that high school crush we talked about.
We are in effect prisoners of hope until the day we enter into the rest of God. That rest maybe His perfect will for us in a situation or what we will get by and by. But the point is He places those bronze serpents so close yet just out of reach so that we may keep alive and be in that state of anticipation till His time comes. This is a food for thought. God may not be in the whirl wind, fire or earth quake but those things keep our hopes alive until the still small voice comes, until expectations are met and surpassed. May His Love preserve you. Amen.

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