Thursday, 2 June 2011

Word Work

"Without faith it is impossible to please God" somewhere in the book of hebrews
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The problem The Word has with us is that we want to work for it, rather than it working for us.
We work for The Word but The Word is designed to work for us. The conflict that ensues sadly cancels everybody out. That is both our work and The Word.

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"The Word of God is quick and active.." Somewhere in the new testament
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The Word is alive. Its primary assignment towards God's people is to work for them. The problem is we think we are to work for it and we go about doing this.
The importance of what we are talking about demands that we take this slowly and explain it gradually and systematically.

First: The Scenario
A man is believing God for something. He comes to God in prayer and makes his request known(with thanks giving). Then he goes about 'trying' to look for ways and means to see that he sees the fruition of what he has just prayed for.

The Word wants to work FOR us. That is when it is in its element

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"In the beginning was the word....there was nothing that was made that wasn't made by the Word" the first chapter of John
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The Word was at its element then and the worst thing you can do to the Word is to stop it from breathing. The Word breathing is the Word living. The Word living is The Word being allowed to be in its element. The word being allowed to be in its element is you allowing the Word to Work for you.

The Word doesn't need helpers. The word functions when it creates. It wants to create but when you go about creating you are sending mixed signals

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"A double minded man will receive nothing from God" somewhere in the new testament
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The word works and will continue to work. But the work of the Word in you is you believing that it can accomplish what it is designed for without your interference.

Second: The Word Instructs
That's part of it living and being in it's element. Your part is to follow the instruction and not to give The Word direction. The power and enablement to follow that instruction that comes from The Word resides in The Spirit. It is not you as in self but The Spirit of God that is the power of The Word. The Spirit enables you.
The Spirit enabling you is you hearing from it and following His leading in going about accomplishing The Word. The Word needs you to let this happen so that it can work. It doesn't need you to work for it. The Word works for us, let it work for you.

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