Friday, 1 July 2011

The Reality of Hell

'I just don't see how a loving God will send His creation to a place called hell' the common thought of the illogically minded

God is love. Jesus is love. What is 'love'?
"I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the father except by me" Jesus.
This same Jesus said of hell "...where the worms dieth not..."
This same Jesus talked about hell and judgement. Encountered a rather interesting person who asserted that he didn't believe that the whole of the bible is the word of God. He then went on to specifically mention the 'old testament' as being the one he was was referring to in a particular. He also separated the 'new testament', dividing the gospels from the epistles(he had some issues with Paul).
Now after extolling the words and person of Christ, he then went on to run his own version of the quote above, of how God can not and will not 'condemn' of 'judge' anyone or consign them to such a place as hell.
So we went into a discourse. The first thing was to start from the partitioning of the scripture and selecting one portion as being more 'authentic' than the other.
If some part of the scripture is not 'authentic', how can you say for certain that its the words of Christ that you seem to approve of that is the one or portion that is authentic?
And on the matter of hell and judgement, Christ talked about them clearly. So where does that stand in the scheme of things seeing that he underscored there reality.
He then went on to dispute some of the words 'attributed' to Christ(!). So in effect, every thing that you approve or that agrees with your own contraption of 'love' that Christ talked and 'supported' are the ones you agree with but those He spoke of that contradicted your own perception and belief must have been 'attributed' to Him by someone who added it there.
So what you are actually following is a Christ and a God that is of your own design.
"But if someone preaches another Jesus...." Paul
If there is light then should there be 'darkness'? Even matter has anti-matter or does not science agree with the idea of a balance? Or should there not be a reciprocal, an antagonist? Our humanity teaches and shows us contradictions and opposites yet there are those who don't believe in the reality of hell.

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