Thursday, 30 June 2011


"For when they shall say peace......" Some where in the scriptures

Will there ever be world peace? Yes. Betterstill, there will be a consciouness and sudden realization of that peace because at some point "they shall say peace".
To say peace implies that certain critical things have taken place. For them to come to that point where they will say "peace", then 'war' or what they call war would have been taken out of the way. The thing of offense, the very thing of conflict would have been got rid of for them to say "peace".
They can not say peace in isolation. It has to be linked to a consciousness they have of their own definition of the antagonist of peace being taken out of the way before they can look about them and declare "peace".
Now this "peace" won't be the peace of God even if they might assume it to be. It would be the peace of this world, of their own morality and according to the definition of what they call peace which spiritually speaking would not be related in any way to anything that God calls peace. outwardly, it may appear to be godly, it may appear to be but may not necessarily be because in the book of revelations, when the prophet was killed and left to rot people celebrated and sent gifts to each other. That is a typical situation when they can say "peace".
But when humanity generally mouths the word peace they are usually directing their attention to humans of all races living in perfect harmony. They are looking at a time when wars and crime would be obsolete because humanity had come into a 'higher consciousness' aided by technology and consensus. They are actually looking at the pre-babel era(there is nothing new under the sun) when humanity was one and moved in the same direction as one.
World peace? Not in reality but they will see it or see their own definition of it so much so that they can declare and say "peace" but "when they shall say peace then sudden destruction will come upon them".
World peace then? Never.

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